A Bluetooth shower head is a great addition to your home’s shower system. Imagine the pleasure of taking a great shower as you listen to the news or your favorite music. Typically, a cold shower accompanied by cool music in the morning is an excellent way to start a day.

In the past, people were forced to leave the doors of their bathrooms open in order to listen to music or news. Fortunately, technology has solved this problem with the introduction of the shower head with speaker and lights.

However, there are many products available in the market. Some are genuine whereas others are just “bogus”. How can you choose the best product for your home?

Let’s find out :

Choosing the best Bluetooth shower head

Generally, a led shower head with speaker and lights is a source of real pleasure in your bathroom. The following is the trick to get one that will fulfill all its promises;

  • Ease of volume control– the best rain shower head with Bluetooth must allow you to control the volume as you wish from your shower head: either upwards or downwards. Without this control, you may not be able to get the quality of music you are looking for.
  • Sound quality– you cannot tell the quality of a speaker by just looking at it. Customer reviews and ratings are handy tools to help you in determining the best quality.
  • Connectivity issues– is the speaker compatible with your device? It is not worth to buy a device that does not connect with your device. By this I mean, the device should be able to connect to your phone while it is outside the bathroom. This is to ensure that your phone is not exposed to any risk of damage by water.
  • Charging and recharging- a good shower head with speaker should be able to retain the charge for long. A product that retain the charge for long is a great value for your money because you will not charge it so often. Seven to eight hours is a reasonable duration. Moreover, recharging the speaker should be easy.

How we came up with the products

We conducted an extensive research to come up with the reviewed shower heads. Our research was based on customer satisfaction and the output. Look at the qualities that we took into consideration:

  • The price: the initial and maintenance cost was our top consideration. The reviewed shower heads are cheap to buy and maintain but yet delivers incredible results.
  • Customization: generally, people love something that can be modified to fit their needs. The reviewed led Bluetooth shower products offers the highest quality of customization.
  • Innovation: the technology used to come up with these rain shower head with Bluetooth was used to determine the performance.
  • The overall design: the way your shower head with speaker and lights is made determines the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. It is, therefore, important to go for something with the best design that will give you no chance to regret.
  • Compatibility: the reviewed products offer the highest level of compatibility. It was discovered that many Bluetooth-enabled devices such as laptops and mobile phones were able to pair easily with these shower systems.
  • Ease to operate: the simplicity in operation is an important aspect to look in a Bluetooth enabled shower head. Remember, you don’t need to hire somebody to train you how to use your shower head. Your bathroom must remain a sacred place.

Comparison table

Bluetooth shower head Rating Dimensions Sound quality
1. Kohler Moxie showerhead with Bluetooth speaker 4.4 4.5×5×5 inches Excellent
2. H2O Vibe Rain Shower Rain Jet With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 4.5 8.9×8.9×4.2 inches Excellent
3. Facilla Modern Bluetooth Showerhead speaker 4.4 12.1 x 4.4 x 10.6 inches Good

Top three Bluetooth shower heads

  1. Kohler Moxie showerhead with Bluetooth speaker

KOHLER Moxie Showerhead

This is a great Bluetooth enabled shower head that has a strong battery that lasts up to seven hours. It is has a lovable design with a perfect finish which you will definitely love. Moreover, the water flow of this shower is 2.5 gpm which guarantees a comfortable bath.

The pros

  • The speaker is magnetic hence, can be attached easily to the shower head. This saves your time.
  • This shower system comes with a lifetime warranty although the speakers have a one-year limited warranty.
  • The functionality of both the speaker and the shower are great. No chance to regret.
  • It is easily installed. This saves your money since you will not be required to hire a plumber.
  • It is compatible with many Bluetooth enabled devices.

The cons

  • Some customers have noted that the quality of sound of the speakers goes depreciating with time. This means that you may need to replace the speakers after some time because the speakers have a limited warranty of one year.
  • The unit may overheat when used continuously hence damaging the speaker.
  1. H2O Vibe Rain Shower Rain Jet With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

H20 Vibe Shower Head

This is another great value for your money. It is affordable and reliable. Additionally, the diameter of this shower head is big giving you a chance to shower with enough water. When it comes to the spray power, this shower head performs very well.

The pros

  • It is affordable.
  • It has amazing spray power: the spray power of this shower system is three times more than any other product in the same line. This means that you are getting a great product.
  • The speaker produces the best sound quality.
  • This speaker is waterproof and it will not be affected by water when it is in use. This increases the durability of this great product.
  • It has excellent connectivity. The Bluetooth speaker is able to connect up to thirty-three feet which are a reasonable coverage.

The cons

  • It does not have a magnet for attachment which is the best mechanism in the market today. However, it uses a different mechanism which is reasonable altogether.
  1. Facilla Modern Bluetooth Showerhead speaker

Facilla Modern ShowerheadThis is another great purchase that you need to take advantage of. The showerhead speaker does not only allow you to listen to music but also answer phone calls while taking a bath. The speaker is easily compatible with many devices that use Bluetooth technology.

The pros

  • This product is compatible with many if not all tablets and mobile phones that use Bluetooth technology.
  • It is installed easily.
  • It is available in a variety of colors hence, it can match any décor.
  • The speaker allows you to multitask. You can listen to music and answer calls while taking a bath.
  • It has a noise reduction feature that allows you to minimize the noise of the shower when answering a call.
  • It is affordable and has a modern design that will add the aesthetic of your bathroom.

The cons

  • It lacks bass although it is not noticeable.
  • Why should you invest in these shower heads with speakers?
  • Allows you to multitask- they allow you to listen to the news, answer phone calls and podcasts while you are taking a shower. This saves time since you can handle many tasks as you take a shower.
  • It is a portable speaker- the fact that this speaker is lightweight allows you to use the speaker everywhere: it can be used outside the shower.
  • The speaker is waterproof hence it can entertain you in the bathroom without being affected by water.
  • Music directly to your years- you can place the shower head wherever you need it to be. The quality of sound is amazing: loud and clear. This gives a great showering and listening experience.