A typical shower head is stationary, it is attached to the wall above your head and is supposed to spray down over you as you shower. In case you have a family member that needs to sit in the shower or may want to enhance your shower experience, a hand held shower head will be handy.

For instance, hand held shower heads for the elderly have been designed to help the elderly easily adjust the spraying water.

How to choose a good shower cleaner

Shower heads with hand held features are designed to enhance your shower experience and to make it easier for your loved one to shower. Choosing handheld showerheads over the traditional shower heads is a decision that you will be glad you made regardless of the reason you purchased it.

Handheld showerheads come in different brands and designs, it could therefore be difficult to choose the best shower head for you. Consider the following tips to choose the best handheld shower head.

  • You may want to consider the spraying modes of the shower heads. This depends on the type of massage mode you would want for your shower. For instance, a multiple-spray mode shower head will allow you to create an extremely great and customizable shower experience.
  • Different handheld showerheads have different mounting types. It could either be mountable like the traditional showerhead or be solely handheld. A flexible hose enables you to reach parts of the body that could otherwise be difficult to reach. The flexible one make a great hand held shower head for disabled that may find it hard to spray water.
  • A good showerhead should be able to reduce the flow of water into your shower. This ensures that it assists you in your water saving endeavor. This allows you to take the same amount of time in your shower without using much water.
  • Water filters in showerheads help solve the problem of harsh chemicals found in treated water. Hand held shower heads with filters will therefore enable you to enjoy a shiner hair and a softer skin. These shower heads are a better choice compared to the non-filtered option.

How we selected the best

When looking to purchase shower heads, we took a variety of showerheads and tested them for durability, functionality, the pulsating action and additional functionality that comes with the sprays.

The best handheld showerheads were able to provide a strong water flow and a steady temperature. They further featured adjustable settings for spray patterns among other features.

  • The best showerheads had additional functionality that provided a pulsating action. This was important in providing massage for itchy or achy muscles. A soft rain shower was also good as it offered a relaxing cleanse to muscles.
  • Shower heads featuring hand held designs needed to have a suitable length of hose and size of head. You may not want the head to be too big or too heavy as it would be difficult to handle. You will need a suitable size to ensure a good rinse at the same time.
  • The make of the showerhead determined its quality. This could be achieved by checking out user reviews and staying with good and trusted brands. At the end of the day you will always get what you pay for.
  • Durability: This is also determined by the quality of the make. Durable showerheads had a quality finish that ensured proper functionality after continual use.
  • Style and finish: choose a style and finish that compliments your current bathroom features and fittings.
  • Wall mounting and fit: Different handheld showerheads have been made to fit different kinds of shower setups. It is wise to determine if a showerhead is good for your shower by viewing the product pictures and information.

Comparison table

Handheld shower head size Shipping weight Brand Type  
Delta Two-in-One Handshower Showerhead 5.22 x 6.13 x 5.22 inches 0.0368 pounds Delta Faucet Bathtub Faucets & handheld Showerheads
Waterpik CG Original 6-Mode Massage Handheld 9.9 x 8 x 14 inches 0.03 pounds Waterpik Handheld showerheads
Hansgrohe handshower set 9.25 x 4 x 9.25 inches 1.43 pounds Handsgrohe Handheld shower body sprays
Moen four function handshower 33 x 5.7 x 3.2 inches 2.61 pounds Moen Handheld showerheads

Hand held shower heads reviews

Delta handshower showerhead

Delta handshowers are stainless hand showers that use integrated shower heads or separate to get water to the part you need most. It comes with four different settings that includes a pause feature. This pause function enables saving of water when doing simple tasks.



  • You can buy this product with confidence knowing that it offers a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Delta showerheads incorporates the latest technology that creates a shower experience like no other. It comes with extreme functionality to control speed, droplet size of water and movement.
  • Comes with a brilliant finish that resists abrasions and other discolorations better than the original traditional brass.
  • Uses an integrated hand shower and integrated shower head separately to get water where you need most.


  • The handheld shower is not very much durable, you may have to be careful with its use otherwise it can easily lose its ability to change the spray settings.
  • It features a light paint that could easily peel from the sprayer hose.

Waterpik Massage Handheld

Waterpik massage handheld showerhead features a high performance and a premium design. It features a powerful shower experience with six refreshing and unique spray settings. It has a powerful pulsating massage that gets through your entire body to make you relaxed.

Waterpik massage showerhead


  • It features an attractive chromes finish that blends well with the bathroom
  • Utilizes advanced water flow technology for easy water spray control.
  • Features a whopping 5 spray modes for almost every time of washing.
  • It is an original shower massage that comes with just the right size and length.


  • It has been cheaply made, its coating could easily develop cracks.
  • The model could leak after frequent use, this could dump water to your head.

Hansgrohe hand-shower set

The hansgrohe hand-shower system comes with 3 spray modes and a 4 inch spray sprayface. This is a handheld shower head to increase water pressure due to its spray modes. It features swivel connectors that prevents its hose from tangling, this provides an easy control and functionality.

Hansgrohe hand shower


  • It features a high quality design and is an attractive shower with a quality finish
  • It has a standard limited water flow which ensure no water wastage.
  • It comes with two flow limiters that are easily to attach and detach.


  • It has a really cheap feel, this is probably due to its plastic finish. Holding it is therefore difficult as it does not offer adequate flexibility.
  • Its water flow is largely limited and sometimes unimpressive.

Moen handheld shower

The Moen handheld shower is a four-function massaging shower that is easy to use. The product is a detachable handshower for additional functionality. The outer ring enables you to choose different kinds of water settings such as vigorous, full, combination or massage.

Moen handheld shower


  • The slide arm is metal and solid, this provides a higher durability.
  • The shower head is flexible enough, it allows an easily movement up and down the slide arm. It retains its position whenever the shower is on.
  • Water flow through the shower head is sufficient enough.
  • Installation of this showerhead takes about 30 minutes, it is easy to install and does not require anything tricky or fancy.


  • It has a weight issue as it features a metal finish. When tilted at an angle above 40 degrees, the showerhead begins to tilt down due to its weight.