It is amazing that the place in your home that should get you clean, your shower, can sometimes get so dirty. Not only does the shower get dirty but also hard water, mildew, mold and soap scum could develop. Bathroom house cleaning can therefore take the most amount of time and work to clean.

The bathroom comes with different types of surfaces, different products have been developed for cleaning these surfaces. These different products have also been made with an ability to remove different kinds of dirt.

How to choose a good shower cleaner

Shower cleaners are cleaning products with toxic chemicals within the home. Choosing a good shower cleaner should therefore involve one does the cleaning efficiently and is also chemically safe. Here are some useful hints that will ensure that you get a good shower cleaner.

  • When choosing a good shower cleaner, you may want to consider the exact surface that you would like to clean. While there are shower cleaners that work for almost all surfaces, most shower cleaners have are meant for specific types of surfaces such as tile or glass surfaces.
  • You may have to check on the effects that the shower cleaner on the cleaning surface. Were the effects good or bad? Shower cleaners could sometimes make the surface shiny or could hurt the surface by making it discolored.
  • Shower cleaners are chemical components that could come with strong scents. Choose a shower cleaner that comes with a soft fresh scent.
  • The health concern of the shower cleaner should also be of primary concern. Strong chemical agents could sometimes have negative effect on your health after frequent use. Indicators that the product contains negative health aspects include if the product has been banned or is subjected to regulatory restrictions.
  • Choose a product that has therefore been certified as healthy by a trustworthy third-party company. This will be an indicator that the product is top in the market.
  • The product should have an adequate disclosure of the ingredients. Check the ingredients of the product before purchase.  

How we selected the best

Top shower cleaners were selected by taking them through several cleaning processes. They were scrubbed on over different types of tiles and different types of stains. The comparison was done with the good old fashioned homemade shower cleaners such as bi-carb soda and vinegar. The results were later compared with commercial products. With these tests, the top shower cleaners were chosen according to the following criteria  

  • Extent and type of stains: For stained tabs that had really tough messes, homemade shower cleaners were the best. This was possible with homemade scouring powder that worked great, though it was not really meant for regular cleaning. For different types of tiles such as wall tiles, door frames and spots on the doors, the homemade purpose cleaner was able to clean and disinfect effectively.
  • Ingredients: Ingredients used to make the shower cleaner were used for different types of surfaces. For instance a 50 by 50 water vinegar solution was used to clean tile, cabinet fronts and soap scums. It indeed made the best shower cleaner for soap scum. Shower cleaners on the hand that had a larger concentration of baking soda paste cleaned mild stains within the tiles. Shower cleaners with a larger concentration of vinegar were especially used for tough stains.
  • Effects on the cleaning surface: Different shower cleaners had different effects on various surfaces. Shower cleaners with higher concentration of vinegar had corrosive effects to tiles. Other shower cleaners had shiny effects on the surfaces. These were taken as a favorable choice.

Comparison table placeholder

Shower cleaner Size Shipping weight Capacity Stains
Scrubbing bubbles Automatic cleaner 11.1 x 8.8 x 9.3 inches 12.6 pounds 34 oz. Mold, mildew and soap scum
Tilex Fresh shower 14 x 10 x 9.5 inches 27.6 pounds 32 oz. Soap scum, mildew stains
Comet Bathroom cleaner 11.1 x 8.8 x 9.3 inches 11 pounds 24 oz. Stains on glass
Clorox Bathroom cleaner 15.8 x 13 x 10.2 inches 28.3 pounds 30 oz. Soap scum

Review of the top shower cleaners

Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower

Scrubbing bubbles is an automatic shower cleaner that takes of care of tough stains for you. It is the best shower cleaner for mold. It eliminates other top stains such as mold and mildew and keeps your shower cleaner for longer.


  • Automatic in nature, works by simply touching the button and walk away.
  • Its dual sprayer spins 360 degrees and penetrates on all four walls and tub providing an overall coverage
  • Comes in two scents, fresh and the Spa scent.


  • Poor at cleaning glass, one can see the difference where the shower cleaner has been sprayed and where it has missed.

Tilex Fresh shower cleaner

Tilex Fresh Shower Cleaner

The Tilex Fresh shower cleaner comes with refill bottle that fills two 32-ounce Tilex spray bottles. It is meant to prevent soap scam, mildew stains and hard water. It cleans tiles effectively and as the Tilex name suggests, it makes the best shower cleaner for tile. With its fresh scent, it keeps your shower smelling as clean as it looks.


  • Can be used on different tile surfaces, floors, walls and fixtures.
  • Eliminates the need of scrubbing. Once applied all you have to do is wipe to have your shower sparkling.
  • Comes in larger refillable bottles that make it easy to apply.


  • Does not work well on glass doors as it appears to leave a visible film.

Comet Bathroom cleaner

Comet Bathroom Cleaner

The comet bathroom cleaner is a stainless steel, porcelain, fiber-glass shower cleaner. It gently cleans surfaces without forming any scratching stains. It is therefore safe to use on almost every surface.


  • It is easy to use as all you have to do is spray it on walls and let it just drip down. There is normally no much wiping involved.
  • Works perfectly on walls and glass surfaces.


  • The product has been designed to have an effective cleaning on glass surfaces. It may therefore not clean other surfaces quite well.

Clorox Bathroom cleaner

Clorox Bathroom Cleaner

Clorox is a shower cleaner that lets you disinfect your shower while making your bathroom clean. It kills germs commonly found in the bathroom and dissolves soap scum before your eyes. This shower cleaner freshens and shines and does not have any dull residue.


  • It is a strong cleaning agent and can remove tough stains like rust.
  • It comes with a wonderful fresh scent


  • For tough stains it may require a little scrubbing, everything will however come out pretty nice.