The lion’s share of the natural resources that we use is water. As we consume water and there is no other option of it, again this is a natural resource that is non-renewable, it  lies to our sense of duty to save this resource for our future generation as well as civilization.

Besides drinking, the remarkable way of water consumption in our regular life is cleaning and showering. While having shower after a long tiring day, we forget to measure the quantity that we are using at once. Here comes the need of water saving shower head.

Water saving shower head is the prominent way to reduce water wastage. As we know the more amount of time we spent in restroom, the more is the amount of wastage. Shower heads that manage the spray and flow pattern of falling water into a well controlled shapes and sizes can directly influence water consumption.

Water saving devices for showers:

There are a number of items that can control water consumption at shower. Some of these items are as below:

Manual mixer showers : For this type of shower the hose and spray stay outside of the wall and hot and cold water supply can be mixed by a temperature controller.

Bath and shower mixers : This is the type of shower where the hose and spray are attached and a valve is used to mix the hot and cold water for obtaining a desired and comfortable water temperature.

Electric shower : Electric shower swiftly heats the water that flows towards the shower head. It shrinks economical cost as the required water is being heat only.

Water Saving Shower Heads:

The continuous development of technology and scientific renovations has efficiently changed the   shower head design into something new that will make you feel the same but with fewer water supplies. That came up with the sense of water saving shower heads. These scientific upgrades use some technologies such as, pressure chambers or reduced shower head size, that deliver a normal shower experience with less water. Water saving shower heads can reduce shower water consumption by up to half. Flow rates can be reduced from 2.5 gallons per minute to 1.25 gallons per minute.

We get two types of water saving shower heads. Most available one saves water by aerating procedure. It’s the way of infusing air into the water flow. This reduces water consumption by up to 50%. Another type of shower heads work with Pulsating Technology that is achieved by supplying water at a high pressure but instead of a continuous flow, the water is turned off and on 30 times per second. Each time the water flow is turned off, a water saving is achieved. For the fast pulsation the disruption goes ignored, and people feel a normal shower.

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Effects of Water Saving Shower Heads:

  • Reduces impact on environment by saving water. Up To 12,000 liters per year can be saved.
  • Reduce energy consumption that are used to heat water.
  • Save money by reducing utility bills.
  • The admirable feelings of using upgraded technology without any habitual change.  
  • Keep the commitment of preserving Earth’s most significant resource.

Reviews of Water Efficient Shower Heads:

1. Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Showerhead with H2OKINETIC technology

Adjustable water shower head

The Delta 75152 is consists of two ratings for its water flow – a standard flow of 2.5 GPM and an ultra low flow of 1.85 GPM. The H2OKINETIC expertise with contemporary four large spray holes has made it so user friendly and it guarantees of being no clogging up. While saving about 36% of water consumption , it mixes air with the water to create bigger droplets so that you feel like you’re getting a full shower. The Amazon rating of the model has got 4.6 out of 6 stars  and a huge review.

Some FAQs regarding the model says:

Question: Does this showerhead swivel or is it fixed straight?

Answer: Yes, it’s adjustable.

Question: Are the threads at the pipe joint made of plastic or are they metal?

Answer: The threads are metal. Seems to be of good construction and works great. 

2. High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

Low Flow Shower Head

High Sierra 1.5 GPM is the most cost-effective of preserving water and energy while providing a satisfying shower experience. It is the perfect option for apartment owners, homeowners, schools, universities, military, health clubs, hotels – as they want to save hundreds of dollars a year. It’s the only shower head that introduce FCS nozzle in market that deliver full and strong spray of large drops. It achieved 4.7 out 5 stars at Amazon and titled to be the most favorite shower head of a huge user.

Some FAQs for this model are:

Question: Does this come with the splash guard?

Answer:  The plastic coating you see (or whatever material it is) comes with it. I find (in a good way) that the spray doesn’t go all over the place. Which means when I open the door to my small shower the water does not go on the floor and more of the water is directed at me when I do shower.  Hope that will help the users. 

Question: Does anyone know if this is WaterSense certified? The US government’s Environmental Protection Agency division says it’s important…

Answer: WaterSense certification is important. All of our 1.8 gpm models are currently certified and in about one month all of our 1.5 gpm models including this one will also be certified.

3. Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage 1.5 GPM Shower head

Niagara Chrome Shower Head

The Niagara Earth Massage showerhead uses pressure chamber that manages high pressure spray with limited water consumption. It possess features three different spray settings – a “needle” setting which is basically a fine spray, a “massage” setting and a “combined” setting that has both spray patterns activated. This model is said to be the money saver by reducing up to 40% of water spending. Receiving 4.5 out of 5 rating stars at Amazon Niagara Earth Massage got the “Awesome”, “Great Showerhead”, “Love it” reviews.

The FAQs are:

Question: How easy/tough is it to put it up? Is it good amount of plumbing job?

Answer: Really easy. We just unscrewed the existing head and then screwed this new one in place. You might need a wrench to unscrew the current one if it has been installed for awhile. Also plumbers tape might be needed if it leaks around the connection point but we didn’t need either item. 

Question: Is it metal or plastic?

Answer: The outer shell and internal flow adjuster is plastic. The attachment thread is metal. Hope this helps. Thank you.


Water saving shower is very important tool to save the water consumption rate in an effective manner. Because if we are not alert in saving our resources, our future generation is going to pay for this. Moreover, for kids this tool is an ideal one, as it controls the flow of the water, kids will not be able to waste water or toddlers will not be panic while their shower. Why so late! Go and get your perfect one that will meet all your requirements!