Imagine unexpectedly guest comes to your house, and your house is totally messed up. You didn’t clean your bathroom and the Air freshener is barely able to cover up the smell. Embarrassing right? So how do you make sure that the air in bathroom stays clean and fresh? Many might want an exhaust fan that gently but diligently remove the bad smell and is as quiet as a mouse.

Panasonic fv-08vq5 wall mount exhaust fan is one of those fans that works  quietly  and is really effective at removing odors. Here is the detailed information about the product price, review and specification sheet.

Panasonic fv-08vq5 Specification Sheet:

Description: Any good exhaust fan is supposed to work profusely with steady continuous act. It should create less noise and provide more effective performance. The product should also have energy star rating and should certainly be certified by the Home ventilation Institute. Panasonic fv-08vq5 makes negligible noise, got an energy star rating and has been certified by the Home ventilation Institute. For your convenience we have included the product specification sheet below:


  1.       The condenser motor has been rated to work  of endlessly.
  2.       120 volts and 60Hz are the power rating.
  3.       When used with GFCI branch circuit wiring, fan should be UL  listed.
  4.       The motor includes a thermal cutoff fuse.
  5.       The motor is removable and has a permanent lubricated plug-in motor.


  1.       It has a galvanized steel body and has rust roof paint.
  2.       It has a duct adapter which is 4 inches in diameter and is detachable.
  3.       It has a back draft damper which is built in.
  4.       The extension brackets are expandable up to 24 inches.
  5.       Due to double hanger bar system, the product can be positioned ideally.


  1. PP material has been used to make the grille and it also has an attractive design.
  2. It can be easily attached to housing with torsion springs without causing any inconvenience.

Price of the Panasonic Fv-08vq5:

The price of the Panasonic Fv-08vq5 is quite reasonable. In Amazon, the shipping price is free. So you won’t need to fret about the extra shipping cost. Just order it online and get your product quickly.

The price of the product is $ 113.15

Review of Panasonic Fv-08vq5:

Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic Fv-08vq5 has nearly all the features you would surely desire in your exhaust fan. It doesn’t take up much space so you won’t need to dig up a lot of space in your wall. It is quiet and productive so you won’t ever hear the ventilation fan work its way up to remove odors.


  1.       The units are constructed sturdily.
  2.       Very quiet.
  3.       Easy to install.
  4.       Very good at removing smells and moisture.
  5.       Effective performance.


  1. Instructions for installation are a bit confusing.


Panasonic fv-08vq5 is overall a wonderful product that will surely add a certain charm to your bathroom. With the reduction of bad odors from the bathroom you will remain hearty and hale.