The taste of a person can be measured by the by the look of his or her bathroom surroundings. As  these two are must for your life and all of us are bound to use them regularly, observing the environment of your bathroom and kitchen one can easily get a general overview about you. Even sometimes, people are going to judge you and your inherent personality by observing your bathroom.

Further, not only to have a positive impression among people but also to own a healthy hygienic life one should keep the clean and flawless sanitation and shower space in his or her house. This is going to let them feel and enjoy a great facility in their regular shower as well as create a peaceful environment for all. Again to do so, the influence of tile in your shower is remarkable!

Choosing the best and perfect tile for bathroom, is sometimes quite bewildering to people. To ease this perplexing task, here we go with our proffers!

How to Choose Best Tile for Shower:

Although many can think that selecting a tile for your shower among various collections in the market is not that much difficult one. But if you want a perfect yet standard tile for your bathroom, it is quite important to keep some crucial factors in your mind while making an empowered purchasing decision. Here are some essential points that will help you out in choosing the best one for you.

  • Tiles on Curves: You may need smaller tiles for handling the curves depending on the shower bench design as smaller ones are much better in dealing with curves in your bathroom. So before making any purchase, define the curve type or size and buy the right one that has competence to meet your needs.
  • Comfortness: If you sit on a shower bench that has  no eased edge, it can be punishing on the backs of your legs. To avoid this undesirous uncomfortness one should plan to use a slab or a tile that features a bullnose or a radius edge for his or her shower bench.
  • Consciousness for Mosaic Tile: In case of choosing mosaic tile, one should be careful enough to pick out a mosaic tile that offers at least 95 percent contact from the tile to the backer board as there is a necessity of that contact from the wall to the tile!
  • Smaller Tiles for a Sloped Ceiling: For sloped steam shower you should choose smaller tiles because those are the perfect one that can make your sloped shower ceiling a graceful and attractive one by its flawless work!
  • Cleaning issues: People who don’t like to clean their showers,they should select larger slabs or glass panels to have an easier cleaning effort than small mosaic-type tiles.

Moreover, there are many other guidelines that should be kept in your mind while purchasing any shower tile for your bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Tiles:

Although there are numerous kinds of bathroom tiles in the market but not all are best used in wet spots. For more clear view, the term “Vitreosity” can be mentioned. Vitreosity refers to the tiles’ ability to absorb water. This vitreous tile works well in spots prone to splashing whereas non vitreous tiles are effective only in accent areas. Again, glazed tiles are resistant to water but unglazed are not. Moreover, every type of tile should have the high coefficient of friction so that it can prevent slipping. In addition, the further types of tiles for bathroom are mentioned as follows:

  1. Ceramic or Porcelain
  2. Natural Stone
  3. Glass
  4. Marble
  5. Decorative
  6. Granite
  7. Limestone
  8. Metal
  9. Terra-cotta
  10. Travertine
  11. Cement-bodied
  12. Saltillo
  13. Slate
  14. Quarry

For more query about these above tiles you may visit online sites.

Best Tile For Shower Floor:

Among many parts or sides of a shower, floor is a very important part that should not be ignored at all. One should be very careful about choosing the tile for the floor of his or her shower because if this surface will not provide you the proper support you are surely going to pay a great cost for your mistake. There are some practical issues those should be in mind of the user while choosing floor tile. For example, the floor slope and slip resistance is a great fact that should not be overlooked. To have more comprehensive guideline regarding the selection of tile for shower floor you may visit various online articles. The following tiles can be your choice.


Queen Beige Marble

To make your shower sparkle as lustrous as crown jewels we recommend to own QUEEN BEIGE POLISHED MARBLE HEX TILE. This tile will create courtly yet nonchalant space with the whirl texture. This regal stone tile comes with a cream and beige base with white and gray veining.


  • This tile comes with 30 pieces in per box.
  • There is matching trim available with this tile.
  • This tile is polished and straight edged one which gives the floor a flawless look.
  • This tile is capable enough to give your shower a larger yet nice fresh look with water resistance.


  • We didn’t get any cons of this tile. If we find so, we will update this section.


Avorio Marble Floor Tile

You can welcome warm heartedness to your space of shower or home by buying 2 inches AVORIO FIORITO POL MARBLE FLOOR TILE that allows your shower experience to be an unique and luxurious one. It has a smooth yet polished surface along with straight edges that flawlessly finishes a combined backdrop of cream and soft grey coloration smitten with deep amber veining.


  • This tile is available in 10 pieces per box.
  • Matching trim is available with this one as well.
  • Its polished finishing along with straight edge will play a well performance in your shower floor.


  • We didn’t get any cons of this tile. If we find so, we will update this section.

Best Tiles For Shower Wall:

Tiles used in the floor of your shower is not a wise choice always in case of using it in the walls. Therefore, one should choose wisely the tile of his or her shower walls to embellish their shower cleanly and fairly. Because, depending on your choice of wall tile the size and light of your shower can vary.

  1. Honey Onyx Basketweave Black Dot Polished Mosaics Tile:

Honey Onyx Black Dot Tiles

Marble ‘n things presents Honey Onyx Basketweave Black Dot Polished Mosaics Tile that can be your choice for decorating your shower wall. The size of each tile is approximately 12″ x 12″ overall that makes 1 sqft. Each small piece is 1×2 and the price is imposed on per sqft.

Moreover, if you want to use the tile in customized way, this is going to allow you accordingly. This tile can be plainly cut with a household scissors into any pattern so you can use them as you like. Even amazon is offering discount on product. Again shipping is available for all orders over 50 tiles in amazon.


  • Depending on the geographic location, this tile can be used in some exterior applications.
  • This tile comes with a variety of shades and shapes from mid to high range.
  • For daily cleaning you can use a pH balanced, neutral spray cleaner for countertops.


  • It is hard for the deep set to clean the stains on it. To do so user should follow the instructor’s instruction.


Embellishing your shower or home with tile all over is a wise decision. It not only help to look  your shower nice and calm but also it keeps your bathroom fresh and hygienic. Again it is quite easier to clean the bathroom with tile than that of without tile. If you want to own the hygiene environment in your home and shower, you are recommended to try our mentioned tile. The symbol of luxury is waiting for you at your door. Go and grab yours!