Technology has been making our lives a lot easier. Everything has become automatic. Washing machines wash our clothes, dishwashers clean our utensils, cleaner bots sweep our floors etc. Eventually to make our life more comfortable and easier, here comes the bidet. Bidet can help you not getting your hands dirty after using toilet.

What is bidet:

Bidet is a bathroom fixture which is used for washing external genitals and anal region. It has many features like heated bidet seat, adjustable water temperature, remote control, adjustable pressure, deodorizer, heated air dryer, cleaning nozzles etc.

Advantages of using bidet:

1.Totally hands free:

Almost 80 percent of all infectious diseases spread through human contact. Statistics say that more than half of the people wash their hands incorrectly after using the toilets. So where there is no worry of washing your hands at all so there is no chance of passing any virus or bacteria through hands. Bidets does all the cleansing totally hands free. This reduces and eliminates the chances of spreading germs from urine and feces to multiply by contact. It is also handy for elderly people or people with problematic hands since it doesn’t involve reaching or blending.

2. Perfect arrangement for your child:

Better personal hygiene is the first thing we all want for our children. Washing the bottom after every excretion is a manner for children to follow and bidet will help them to develop such personal hygiene habits. Personal hygiene is essential for children and it will prevent them from getting ill by eliminating possibilities of getting contact with fecal matter and bacteria.

3. A must for the seniors, handicapped or disabled:

Bidets have the best advantages for seniors. As it is hands free, it is no longer required to keep a caregiver for those moments when they might feel ashamed. This will help seniors to have confidence and dignity as they no longer require to ask for assistance when they need to clean up. Since a bidet is hands free, same advantages go to the handicapped or disabled.bacteria

4. Better cleaning than papers:

Using only toilet paper for cleaning your bum doesn’t guarantee that there will be no residue left. As water is the universal solvent, which means it works effectively at cleansing your skin. Use of dry toilet paper may cause irritation or never clean you fully which later may cause bacteria spread and infections. Consequences can be bleeding and itching, hemorrhoids, bladder and urinary tract infections etc.

5. Enhance your bathroom facilities:

Installing a bidet in your toilet instantly transforms your bathroom into a fully functional piece of comfort and luxury. Your bathroom will look like that of a top home remodeling and design shows. Your visitors will be jealous and want to install bidet once you tell them how much you love using it. 

6. Environment and septic system friendly:

Over 15 million trees are cut down to manufacture toilet paper every year in U.S. So using toilet paper is a waste of lot of papers by having a bidet one can save on using too much toilet papers and save the environment, thus many trees would be saved.  Although the bidet uses water, the amount is still the same as washing your hands.

Nothing is worse than cleaning up a clogged toilet. Though toilet papers claim to be flushable, but the reality is it clogs any toilet if it is used too much. Besides, there can be a blockage elsewhere in sewage piping system. If your house isn’t connected to a city’s sewer system, you will obviously have a limit on your septic tank capacity. Using less toilet paper help your septic tank to be filled up not earlier.

7. Best for women and new-mother hygiene:

The adjustable warm and gentle water flow from bidet allow comfort which is suitable to a woman’s needs. The warm cleansing water is comforting during menstruation, or a great way to clean up before and after intercourse. The warm water cleansing is the best way to solve the problems that occur after pregnancy such as constipation, rashes, soreness and bleeding which come from diarrhea and hemorrhoids. Mothers who recently have given birth may be a bit sensitive in that area. Utilizing bidet’s wash features can be a more hygienic, soothing and relaxing way to go.

8. Cost effective and easy to install:

Having a bidet will help you save on the cost of toilet paper. Buying toilet paper for the whole family can be quite expensive. Using a bidet will eliminate toilet paper requirement and thus you can save thousands of dollars every year.Bidet can be installed within 15 minutes. No extra money on plumbing, no extra purchase is needed as bidet comes with all the things required. It is easy to install and once installed it is ready to use.

Factors should be kept in mind before purchasing a good bidet:

Toilet shape and size:

The first factor that one should keep in mind is their toilet shape. Many different types of toilets are out there. A toilet come in many different shapes and models like round or elongated. Some bidets only fit particular toilets; so before purchasing a bidet you must check to see the type of toilet you have and which bidets are compatible with it. There are also toilets having several parts i.e the tank and the seat may be separated or attached together. Specific bidets only work on particular type of toilet and if you have the other type it won’t fit or work. Doing some research before purchasing your bidet will guide you a long way in choosing the right bidet. Buying the wrong bidet for your toilet can create problems and it may not even fit. So is one of the factors to be considered before purchasing your bidet.


Second and the most important factor while purchasing a bidet is your budget. Comparing the costs and savings after purchasing a bidet, you need to decide on what you are willing to spend. You should also remember the fact that this is a long term purchase. A better quality bidet will last for many years. If you purchase a $500 bidet and divide that purchase over a 10-year life span which is a cost of only $50 per year. It is important to decide what you are willing to spend, what functions you need inside it and which features you exactly want.


Check if you have all the required facilities in your bathroom or toilet which the bidet demand. For example: power supply, water supply, water pressure, ventilation etc. For example: You have to plug the bidet into a nearby outlet. While you are facing the toilet, all the seats in the store (exception: TOTO) have its electric cord extending from the right hand side. As TOTO is the only exception, TOTO bidet has their electric cords extending from the left when you face the toilet. So there will be problem if you don’t have power outlet at the right position. You will find many bidets having many features. So choose the one which meet all your requirements


When you make a significant purchase, you want it to last. Nothing can be more reassuring than an extended warranty. Some bidets may not have any warranty, but electrical bidets of higher price usually offer some type of extended warranty. Warranties may vary from one to five years. Some warranties have full coverage, while others only provide limited coverage after the first year.

Review of 5 best bidets:

1. Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000:

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000This is an advanced bidet toilet seat available in white and biscuit color and both round or elongated size. Product dimension is 23 x 20 x 8 inches with weight of 16 pounds. It requires 120 volt and 1200 watt power supply. You will get 3 years limited warranty. Current price is $597.


  • It contains posterior and feminine warm-water wash feature
  • This product has eco-friendly instant ceramic heating system
  • You can manually adjust water and seat temperature settings which is totally wireless.
  • Nozzles have oscillation capability for better cleaning
  • It has aerated wash spray with 3 levels width adjustment which will ease your cleaning
  • It also has intelligent body sensor which is a special feature
  • For easy seat removal & cleaning it has Quick Release option
  • Seat and lid closes gently.


  • Price is very costly comparing to others
  • There is no custom user profile in the remote control

2. Bio Bidet Prestige BB-800:

Bio Bidet Prestige BB-800This is an advanced bidet toilet seat available in white color and both elongated or round size. Product dimension is 19.4 x 15.6 x 7.3 inches with weight of 16.1 pounds. It requires 120 volt and 660 watt power supply. You will get 3 years limited warranty. Current price is $449(round) and $399(Elongated).


  • It has a side panel with Turbo Wash
  • Its nozzle system is 3 in 1
  • Aerated Bubble Infusion Technology has been used for smooth washing
  • There is gentle-closing seat and lid with quick release
  • Electronic parts are specially protected
  • Built-in filter is available
  • Gentle aerated water stream feature is used here.


  • It is difficult to look at the control panel while sitting
  • It lacks remote control feature

3. Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000:

Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000This is an advanced bidet toilet seat available in white color and both round or elongated size. Product dimension is 21 x 15.6 x 9 inches with weight of 22 pounds. It requires 120 volt and 660 watt power supply. You will get 3 years limited warranty. Current price is $444.95(Elongated) and $462.47(Round).


  • It provides convenient remote control feature
  • It comes with powerful deodorizer with carbon filter
  • This is patented with 1 pocket 3 nozzle system and enema wash
  • Smart power saving function available
  • Its powerful deodorizer instantly eliminates embarrassing odor
  • It is also equipped with capacitance seat sensor and Self Diagnose feature


  • It takes more time to heat up the water
  • Manufacturer’s warranty is only valid from authorized sellers

4. Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600:

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600This is an advanced bidet toilet seat available in white color and both round or elongated size. Product dimension is 15 x 5.6 x 16.5 inches with weight of 8 pounds. It requires 120 volt and 660 watt power supply. You will get 3 years limited warranty. Current price is $359(Elongated) and $399(Round).


  • It has auto and kids wash modes
  • Aerated Bubble Infusion Technology
  • It is made of anti-bacterial matter
  • It cycles front and rear streams for proper cleaning
  • It also has massage feature with wide clean function


  • Some of the button descriptions are confusing
  • It lacks remote control feature

5. Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 300:

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 300This is an advanced bidet toilet seat available in white color and only elongated sized. Product dimension is 24 x 19 x 8 inches with weight of 0.2 ounces. It requires 120 volt and 660 watt power supply. You will get 3 years limited warranty. Current price is $249.


  • Posterior wash and feminine warm water wash features are available.
  • It is provided with dual retractable and self-cleaning nozzles
  • It features quick release seat with sturdy comfortable lid
  • It offers all essential features at an entry level price
  • It contains automatic power saving mode and quiet close seat


  • Only elongated size available
  • Supply line is vulnerable to breaking


You can buy bidet to make your life more convenient and comfortable. It will save your money, keep you fresh and clean than before and ensure you a healthy hygienic life. The price is also not larger than your pocket. At last, bidet can be your best companion your bathroom.