Can you imagine the situation that at the end of a prolonged tiring and painful day, you just desire to enjoy the winter chill! So you turn on the shower button, flutter your body down on a seat, and vanish into a comforting cloud of heavenly perfumed steam. Then you come out feeling serene, calm and refreshed half an hour later.

To be honest, this type of gratifications used to demand a visit to a health club, more specifically a spa even a few years back also. But thanks to modern innovations, more and more households are choosing to amuse the occurrence at home by converting their regular shower stalls into mild, aerial sanctums known as steam showers.

The concept of steam showers is one of the best innovations of modern engineering that have ever been developed. One gets to integrate the competence of a shower with the advantages of a sauna or spa. Here, in this article, we will try to enlighten you about steam showers, its advantages and the best choices available in the market and their details.

Why Steam Shower?

Flexibility is the first and foremost benefit of having a steam shower at home. One can become refreshed within a few minutes being at home instead of having to go to a steam room at the local gym. Also, he does not need to share the space with others.

Skin Cleaning
The high temperature and humidity of a steam shower help to open up the small foramen of the skin in order to ensure an accute, more advantageous clean. Regular users of steam shower enjoy a clearer complexion as the dead skin cells, captured grime and bacteria come to the uppermost layers of the skin.

Respiratory Treatment
Steam showers are to some extent, the perfect regimen for respiratory infections. One may rapidly open up respring tunnels and ease uncertain syndromes. Besides this, the best steam showers also solve problems relating to laryngitis, sinus matters and some instances of asthma.

Water Saving Technology
The traditional belief is that a steam shower would consume and waste a lot of water. But the reality is just the opposite. For instance, if one takes a 20-minute steam shower, s/he is literally consuming about 2 gallons of water. In contrasting, s/he will go through 2 gallons every 1 minute for conventional single head shower appliance. This provides with a lot of options like, taking the steam or having a regular shower. One can also enjoy both at the same time.

The Best Steam Shower Reviews:

We formed a research team to find out the best options available in the market presently. The team had engineers, experts, designers, interior critics and some experienced buyers also. They have performed several surveys as well as elaborately talked to buyers from different regions. After coming through a long way in this regard, we have finally ended up with the 4 best steam showers. Our reviews of the products are discussed here.

Ariel DZ959F8L: Platinum Pivot Door Steam Shower


While choosing the best ones, the first option that came to our mind was Ariel DZ959F8L model. This steam shower model would be suitable for any bathroom or user. Well, definitely it is not the most affordable steam shower unit, but once you start using it, you will really get the value for the amount you spent on it. It is guaranteed that this shower unit will upgrade showering experience.

The unit is supplied with 6 body massage jets for user’s convenience. It contains pivoting clear glass doors and wooden floor board. The unit is of a rectangular shape. It also has a built-in steam generator.

We received some issues regarding the drain configuration. People addressed it as a bit confusing as it is constructed about 12 centimeters above the surface level. Users are required to funnel the piping into the room’s drainage to resolve this.


  • Maximum temperature up to 140 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Fairly easy instructions provided.
  • Impressive packaging.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Smart looks.


  • Unwanted complexity may arise while assembling.
  • Much effort needed for drainage pipe installation.

User Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8


If you are looking for a bathtub along with a shower, then Ariel Bath Platinum model is recommended for you. The showering unit is very spacious and is able to support with the best of luxury while having bath. Acupuncture and Whirlpool massage jets are important features of this Platinum DA333F8 steam shower enclosure.
The showering options include both options, a handheld showerhead and a rainfall ceiling shower. The Ariel Bath DA333F8 comes with chemotherapy lighting and FM radio to make the showering feeling more complacent, conducive and fun. An aromatherapy system is also included in the package. A timer is attached with the touch screen control panel.


  • Very spacious showering unit
  • FM radio provides additional amusement
  • Attractive finishing


  • Instructions are not so helpful
  • Complex installation

User Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
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Eagle Bath WS-501


This model offers a combo of the luxurious bathtub and steam shower. 80 gallons of water can be hold in the tub. It also includes 8 massage jets to provide the most fascinating bathing experience. 6 acupuncture jets are provided with this unit so that it can alleviate your body of all the emphasis in few minutes. The steamer is also very efficient. It is able to provide the full steam within just 60 seconds. The temperature is adjustable to user’s choices.

A 12 inch rainfall rooftop shower head as well as a handheld shower head is provided with this showering unit. The rainfall shower head truly provides a rainfall experience. It drops a huge amount of water over a massive area.
The all-inclusive computer control panel featured with the Eagle Bath WS-501 steam shower is very instinctive and easy to use. Besides all these, this model also feature a steam aromatherapy cup and chemotherapy LED multiple color lighting.


  • Very powerful jets.
  • Full featured steam shower unit.
  • Straightforward and instinctive controlling.
  • Steamer works quickly, takes only 60 seconds to work efficiently.


  • Complex assembly.
  • Cheap plastic used in sprayer.
  • Could leak after months of uses.

User Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
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Eagle Bath WS-803L


The Eagle Bath WS-803L offers only the steam shower function, but it has enhanced features compared to the previous mentioned combo units. For your showering convenience, the unit includes storage shelves and fold-up seats. To create that invigorating and relaxing shower, the Eagle Bath WS-803L incorporates 12 acupuncture massage jets. It provides just amazing steam shower experience. You can also aromatherapy to that experience using any liquid oil of your preference.
For showering you have the option of using the rain shower head for full body drenching experience or any or both together of the two handheld shower heads. To enhance that relaxing shower even more, there’s also chromotherapy lighting included.


  • Excellent lighting.
  • Improved aromatherapy.
  • Great rainfall showerhead.
  • Pretty comfortable seats provided.


  • Hard installation.
  • Poor customer service.

User Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
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The Last Words

No matter which product you go with from our list, you can be assured of quality as well as comfort. But always remember one thing before making a purchase! You should always measure your available space more than once. One must have precise calculations and select the option offering any further adaptability that s/he may want.
So, why wait anymore? Go for your favorite steam shower model that gives you luxury and the best value of money.