Have your shower floor gone discolored due to the stains and grime? The hard water from the shower without filter gives mildew, soap scum and other dirt that affect your shiny shower floor. And who wants to spend time in a dirty and smelly shower room after or before a long day’s work, right? Many of us don’t like to clean it either. And because of the different types of materials (i.e. Fiber Glass, Plastic, Tiles etc.) used for the floor, it becomes really difficult to clean it perfectly. A dirty shower floor is also home to a lot of bacteria and diseases. But, if you take some effective, scientific and quick measures, you can easily clean and shine your shower stall. Now let’s talk about some best shower floor cleaning practices.


The use of Baking Soda and Vinegar is the most common and good old-fashion way of cleaning the shower floors. Baking soda is usually abrasive because it is a salt by its chemical nature. Its chemical name is Sodium Bicarbonate and it affects greatly on dirt. Vinegar is undoubtedly environment-friendly compared with other commercial toxic cleaners and it clears the stains effectively due to its acidic chemical nature.

You can use these individually or you can also combine. Combining the baking soda and vinegar will give you a foamy liquid. You can use it for cleaning with a sponge or plastic brush. For scrubbing off darker stains or subtle dirt, you will be needing a thick layer of foam of baking soda and vinegar.


This is a very effective method of rinsing away the dirt and stains from your shower floor. The combination is done by adding a cup of detergent and bleach into a bucket of hot water. The resultant is great counter measure against dark stains and tight spots. When the cleaning is done with this combination you should rinse the shower floor with clean water.


There are some shower floors made of porcelain. Using abrasive particle to clean this may damage your floor. You need to use a soft cleanser for this purpose. For that, using hydrogen peroxide and mixing it with cream of tartar may give you a nice soft paste to clean your shower floor. The equal combination of peroxide and tartar will be much effective on stains. You need to place the paste on the stain for 30 minutes, scrub it with brush and then wash with clean water. There you go, a nice shiny shower floor you have!


Using ammonia for cleaning is really heavy duty. So, unless you don’t have that tougher types of stains and grime in your shower floor there is no need to use it.

When you need to use ammonia, you need to ready the chemical at first. The proper mixture of ammonia with baking soda and water will give you the cleaning material.

It is really IMPORTANT for you to remember that Never Ever combines bleach with ammonia. Mixing these two create a very toxic gas which is injurious to your health if inhaled.


Why not take the help of nature in cleaning if possible! In this case, a couple of Grapefruits and Coarse Salt can solve your problems with tough stains on the shower floor. At first, you need to cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkle the coarse salt on top of it. Put some salt over the stained area on your floor too. Then, start scrubbing with the salt-grapefruit combo over the stained area. Make sure that you squeeze the grapefruit and bring out some juice from it while you are scrubbing. Once finished, rinse the floor with clean water and see the magic of cleanliness!


There are a lot of types of commercial bathroom cleaners in the market. You can use any one of them as it suits for you to clean your shower floor. These cleaners are very handy to use and effective if you use them to clean on a regular basis.


To keep your shower floor clean and shiny these are some of the best practices that you should try-

  • It is best if the shower floor is cleaned just after a hot steamy shower. Because, after the hot shower, the dirt and grimes becomes easy to scrub off and the stains removes quickly too.
  • Spraying the floors with the mixture of vinegar and water and letting it dry may keep the floor clean.
  • The use of the mixture of warm water & fabric softener can help you to get rid of tough scum on the shower floor.
  • The bathroom window should be kept opened until it dries as it prevents mold from growing.
  • The shower floor remains grime and mildew free if it is cleaned and mopped once in every week.


It is best to always use rubber gloves because almost every cleaning materials are toxic by property and can harm your hands while using. It is also important that you keep your bathroom windows open for proper ventilation during cleaning. Because the chemical cleaners might produce gas during their cleaning process which could be harmful for health. You can also wear eye protection during cleaning to keep the chemicals getting into your eyes.


So far, we have discussed about quite a number of processes to keep your shower floor clean. Every process has its own way of cleaning and keeping your shower floor hygienic. With the suitable chemical or self-made mixtures you can easily win against the dirty stains and bacteria on your shower floor. You can also keep your shower stall tidy by just following the best practices which may take a few several minutes on your daily routine. Practicing them may also save you the time for a massive cleaning job. So, it is time for you to choose what best suits you.