Through latest technology and successive improvements, the manufacturers of shower head are now making them more and more efficient at delivering you the same shower feel but with less amount of water.

As a result, instead of either having a great shower or having a water saving shower you can have both with the help of low flow shower head.

What is a low flow shower head?

Low flow shower head is a type of water conserving shower head which delivers a regular shower experience while using a considerably lower amount of water. To do this, it utilizes various design techniques and technologies such as pressure chambers, smaller shower fixture etc. Low flow shower heads work by focusing and reducing the water spray by manipulating the size and direction water drops. Their water flow rate must be lower than 2.5 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) at 80 PSI (Per Square Inch). Low flow shower heads can go as low as 1.25 GPM too.

Low Flow Shower Head Types

Based on portability, low flow shower heads are either stationary or hand-held.

Stationary shower heads:
These are generally attached directly to your shower arm and you cannot move it of the bathroom wall. However, you can only adjust them at different angles.

Handheld shower heads:
Use of handheld low flow shower heads is increasing because of their convenience. With these handy models, you can easily rinse your own hair and body, rinse your child off or bathe your pet in the bathtub. Handheld low flow shower heads offer a wider range of efficiency and freedom. But they are a more expensive than the stationary ones.

And on the basis of water flow system, they are two types: Aerating and Laminar.

It works by mixing air into the water flow which forms a misty spray. Aerating shower heads are suitable for those who prefer having shower with softer and wider sprays.

Non-Aerating or Laminar:
Laminar showerheads create harder and massaging streams of water. These are suitable for users in humid climates as they do not create so much steam in the air. Laminating shower heads are great for those who are fond of harder massaging showers.

Advantages of a low flow shower head

Water saving:
Low flow showerhead can reduce your water bills as it consumes less water. It is also good for your wallet as it reduces your water bills.
Energy saving:
Less energy consumption comes from less heating. And less heating comes from less shower water.

Great shower experience:
Although low flow shower head reduces the amount of water, but they maintain same pressure and coverage which will not ruin your regular shower experience.


What to Look For When Choosing a Low Flow Shower Head

Flow rate:
2.5 GPM is the maximum flow rate of any shower head is. So you have to choose a low flow shower head having flow rate below that level. You can find many models which usually offer around 1.5 GPM.

Multiple Spray Settings:
Having the ability to change spray settings is a primary feature in a good quality low flow shower head. Spray settings can be named as pulsating, spray only, narrow to wide etc. It can be very demanding if you live in a group of people or a family. Because when it comes to shower spray styles, each individual might have different preferences.

You should be able to find a high-quality product from a popular and reputed brand. Also, check what the shower head is made of. Never forget to read the user reviews, editor reviews to understand the pros and cons of your desired shower head.

Water saving technology:
Do not forget to check the technology used by the shower head to deliver the low flow rate. Also, note that low flow does not yield lower water pressure.

Choose a design that fit best for your shower. Design includes the spray patterns too. It also includes checking for availability of simple compact head in case laminating shower heads or checking for air pressure in case of mechanism aerating shower heads. You also need to decide on whether you want a handheld or stationary shower.

Reviews of the top 5 water saving shower heads

1. High Sierra 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head71lpCCjRzgL._SL1228_2

It is now one of the best water saving showers available on the market. Its spray nozzle contains a small mouth shaped opening which is designed to prevent clogging while it delivers you a full spray of large and strong drops.
Many people say that using this shower they feel the same just like a normal, regular shower. Because it gets benefited from their patented technology to produce a spray saving possibly your hundreds of dollars every year in power and water costs, at the same time providing you a regular and satisfying shower experience.


  • It is made of solid metal with polished chrome finish.
  • It does not clog.
  • It contains patented nozzle which ensures bigger and wider water drops
  • WaterSense Certified and saves 40% of water and electricity.
  • It is made from very high-quality materials to ensure its longevity.


  • It may not be suitable for short persons.

2. Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying Showerhead with H2Okinetic Technology


There are two flow rate settings in the Delta 75152, namely ultra-low (1.85 GPM) and standard (2.5 GPM). Most of the people cannot differentiate between these two settings, or they end up choosing the ultra-low flow. This has been possible for the H2OKINETIC technology that is used in this shower head.
In details, it creates bigger droplets of water by mixing air with water. As a result, you do feel like having a full shower experience although you are saving your water bills too. This is a very popular showerhead which can be easily guessed by seeing 5-star reviews for it from people over 1409 on Amazon.


  • The famous H2OKINETIC Technology spreads the water flow into a wider wave pattern.
  • You can switch between 2.5 and 1.85 GPM any time.
  • Spray holes don’t need cleaning.
  • It is affordable and offers great value for money.


  • For installation, it requires arm and flange which are sold separately.


3. Niagara Earth Massage Handheld – 1.5gpm


It comes with a mounting bracket and a six feet tangle free hose. Without any hassle, you can easily install it by hand.Despite offering an amazing saving in water usage, the pressure compensation mechanism of this shower head can ensure you an enjoyable, consistent shower managing the water pressure.
You can adjust its spray to 9 different settings starting from gentle needle spray to forceful jet.
It will not lose so much heat as this is a non-aerated showerhead, so it is more energy efficient too. As it is made from durable hard plastic, so it is most likely guaranteed to last for minimum 10 years.


  • It is very cheap comparing to other models.
  • Its laminar flow can save more energy than the other competitors.
  • You can choose between 9 flow rates.


  • Its plastic construction may not be so durable as metal.

4. American Standard 1660.717.002 Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead


It can create a full shower spray from low water pressure using its unique “turbine” system.
Another unique feature of this showerhead is that whenever you turn off the shower it automatically returns to the 1.5 GPM setting, ensuring your next shower water saving mode. It has received 5-star reviews from over 175 users on Amazon.


  • Freedom to choose between high and low flow rates.
  • It meets WaterSense requirements and saves water up to 40%.
  • It uses exclusive turbine technology.
  • It offers 3 spray functions.
  • Auto-return feature reverts back to 1.5-gpm flow
  • This showerhead is angle-adjustable
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • There are some complaints regarding not locking of the selector position properly.

5. Zen Fresh Filtration Shower Head

For the health conscious individuals and environmentalists, this ZenFresh shower head can be a perfect match.
It removes impurities from the shower water through its 3 layers of negative ion mineralized spheres. This mineral nutrient absorption results in many health benefits such as smoother skin, reduced oil secretion and increased cell viability etc. For those who experience dry skin after a shower because of impurities, ZenFresh can take care of them easily.This shower head is also called environment-friendly because its packaging is totally recyclable.
While conserving water, this shower head yields excellent water pressure through its laser-cut micro-cone holes.


  • It contains 128 cone-shaped holes which increase water pressure and largely conserve water.
  • It can purify water and improve absorption of the mineral nutrient.
  • It can be installed very easily.
  • Conserves up to 35% water.


  • There are some complaints regarding the strength of the spray.


Statistics say that if you replace your normal shower head with a low-flow one, your typical saving for the shower can be as much as $480 per year. And as it is also environment-friendly, so why not buy one and save your bills and the world together!