When it comes to a high-pressure shower head, Thunderhead TH2.5 stays on the top list. By its name “Thunderhead”, it has also justified itself as a top rated rain-style shower head. After a long tiring day, a rain shower is probably the first thing everybody would want. Even at a very low water pressure, it can provide you with a forceful stream of water leaving no part of your body untouched. This product transforms a standard wall mounted shower into a flexible overhead unit.

Appearance & Design:

Thunderhead TH2.5 weighs 3.2 pounds and measures 10.6 x 9.5 x 7.4 inches. It comes in a plastic unit with a white coating that. If the shower head matches the colour scheme of the bathroom, it looks very attractive. The shower head has an extension arm possessing 4 self-locking ratchet joints that let it move up, down and sideways without any adjustment of the wing nuts. The huge sunflower design covers the whole body which has as many as 90 nozzles. The spacious holes on the showerhead prevent the hard water from causing you any troubles.


Installation takes just a few minutes and you need not look for any tool set for putting it together. The shower arm coupling fits into the palm easily. You just turn the shower head inwards and then its twist lock should fit inside the water pipe smoothly. There is a water restriction valve which allows you to conserve the water. You can also remove it if you want regular speed. Its flow restrictor can be removed quickly as well, unlike other shower heads where drilling might be necessary.
If you are facing difficulties installing the shower head, just follow the manual that comes with the package.


Features & Performance:

There is a pressure chamber which compresses air pressure and releases it through the nozzles along with water. It provides water flow of 2.5 gallons per minute at the highest pressure of 80 psi. Even on pipelines which are already relatively old, this pressure is made attainable by the excellent positioning of the four brackets. It’s larger head can deliver water to a large body area without any struggles.
It features 4 self-locking ratchet joints that allow you to adjust its position however you need. Regardless how low your ceiling is or how small your shower enclosure is, you always get to move it around. Interacting with it is easy and is user-friendly. It solves the issue of an existing shower pipe installation fixed too low or high into the bathroom wall.
The shower head has a self-cleaning mechanism. One quick blast of water can clear most of the mineral build-up due to a hard water supply.
To describe the performance of Thunderhead TH2.5, it is like standing under a waterfall on a tropical island. It offers a consistent, wide broadcast pattern with a soft yet powerful spray. Despite its high pressure, the water comes out of the shower in a gentle way without giving any stinging effect.


  • Installation is very easy.
  • The water restrictor is removable.
  • Works great even at low water pressure.
  • An affordable shower head for most families.
  • Wider track spread with 90 evenly-spaced jets.
  • Cleaning of the individual shower jets is very easy.
  • It is adjustable for both shorter and taller persons.


  • There is no pressure adjustment setting.
  • It is only available in white plastic with the look of a non-quality shower head, although it’s not.


Thunderhead TH2.5 shower head never clogs up. The nubs on the shower head are very flexible. You can squeeze the pliable nipples to clear hard water residue instantly. You don’t need to go for any shower cleaner for this shower head. The unique structure of Thunderhead TH2.5 makes it difficult for minerals to build up inside the inner walls of the equipment. No water dripping issues at its joint were found yet. If you ever find any water leaking, you can go through this guide and fix it by yourself.
This product comes with 1-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.Can I use a water filter with this unit?
=> Yes, you can if the water filter fits onto the shower pipe.
2.How can I remove the flow restrictor?
=> You can pull it out gently with a needle-nose plier or use a small screwdriver.
3.Can I install it as a handheld?
=> That is a bad idea because the head is large and you cannot change the water stream.
4.How can I adjust the pressure?
=> No, you can only control the output from the faucet.
5.Can it be taken apart and cleaned?
=> No, the head can’t be separated, you can clean it by squeezing the rubber nozzles.

Final Verdict:

This product is the best high-pressure shower head available at a fair and reasonable price. Thunderhead TH2.5 may not be the best or flawless shower head, but it certainly gives you more flexibility and an impressive spray range than many other shower heads. This shower head best suited for the customers with smaller than average shower spaces. If you don’t mind having your whole tiny bathroom splashed with water at a very convenient cost, why not give it a go?