Who doesn’t want to take a hot tub bath In a cold weather? But why sticking to the small bathroom every time you need to soak yourself? Those days of staying indoors are long gone. Now you can have a hot tub bath anywhere in your yard, garden, or terrace with an inflatable hot tub. Now we are going to explain the advantages of using an inflatable hot tub and review the top models available in the market.

Advantages of Inflatable Hot Tubs:

  • Inflatable hot tubs are very portable, most of these come with air pumps. You don’t need to worry about bathroom space. You can inflate it in minutes and place it anywhere you like.
  • You can entertain your guests in the backyard by soaking in the hot tub together. It also promotes family bonding when you relax on it with your family members.
  • A hard hot tub is 5 times pricier than an inflatable hot tub. But they offer same functionalities. Whereas inflatable tubs give you more flexibility.
  • Inflatable hot tubs are good for people with back pain. The soft materials of these tubs are very comfortable and relaxing too.
  • Maintenance is very easy, inflatable hot tubs are much easier to clean than the rigid ones.You can set it up easily without doing anything to your walls or floors.
  • The 120-volt power socket is enough to run an inflatable hot tub, which makes it power efficient.

Review of top 5 Inflatable Hot Tubs:

Based on rating, customer review, and sales statistics, we are now going to review the top 4 inflatable tubs below:


Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub


This is the most popular inflatable hot tub in the market. It comes with plenty of features at a reasonable price. This tub can hold 4-6 adults. With its Lay-Z-massage system, you can surround yourself with soothing bubble jets. The rapid heating system of Coleman hot tub can raise the water temperature up to 40ºC instantly. The most convenient feature of this tub is its digital control panel, you can control everything with it.


  • Digital control panel for adjusting the timer and temperature.
  • Cushioned air pad floor provides comfort and insulation.
  • Integrated water filtration system.
  • Sturdy I-Beam construction prevents bending or buckling.
  • The price is highly affordable.


The display of the control panel is difficult to read under direct sunlight.


Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub


Here comes another premium inflatable hot tub with a superior build quality. The Lay-Z-Spa is made using a TriTech material. It also comes with a digital control panel, rapid heating, and integrated water filtration system. This tub comes in 3 different sizes- Miami, Palm Springs, and Paris. It also comes with an inflatable cover which keeps the water warm and prevents any debris falling into it when not in use.


  • It has built-in Lay-Z massage system.
  • Puncture-resistant I-Beam construction.
  • Cushioned air mat floor (Palm Springs and Paris only).
  • 7 colors LED light show, remote controlled (Paris only).
  • Inflatable cover, chemical floater, filter cartridge, and set-up DVD included.


  • Not found yet.

Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage 4-Person Portable Hot Tub


Intex PureSpa has more than 1200 user reviews on amazon, which indicates how much popular this inflatable hot tub is. Its built-in hard water treatment system has made itself very unique from any other hot tub. It also comes with two easy-to-replace filter cartridges. The tub is of two sizes: round and octagon. Other features include a 3-way test strip, thermal ground cloth, floating pool chlorine dispenser, inflation hose, and a carry bag. 4 people can easily sit on it. There is also a lock included with the insulated cover to prevent it from flying off.


  • Built-in hard water treatment system.
  • Lots of accessories included.
  • Built with a puncture-resistant material.
  • 120 soothing bubble jets & 4 high-performing massages jets.


  • The chemical starter kit is not included.

M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub

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M-Spa Model B-90 is widely known for its 105 relaxing bubble jets. This tub is smaller than others, it can hold only 2 adults. But because of its portability and excellent bubble jets, this tub is very popular among those who like to have a spa alone. The build-quality is great, as the outer cover is made of synthetic PVC. The control panel is very user-friendly where you can set the temperature and timer very easily. It also comes with a bag to hold everything.


  • Built-in heater and water filter system.
  • Control box with touch button controls.
  • Built with premium 3-layer laminated PVC.
  • Soothing 105 air bubble jets.


  • Capacity is not so high.

Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage 6-Person Portable Hot Tub


This hot tub is surprisingly lightweight compared to its 290 gallons water capacity. Six persons can sit on it comfortably. It has a very responsive touch control panel which activates the 140 high-powered bubble jets to give you a relaxing massage. The built-in hard water treatment system will keep your body and skin healthy and refreshing. It comes with all necessary features like an insulated cover with lock, inflation hose, 2 filter cartridges, carry Bag, 3-way test strips, thermal ground cloth, and floating chlorine dispenser.


  • Built-in hard water softener.
  • Water capacity is very high.
  • 140 high-powered bubble jets.
  • Made with an innovative Fiber-Tech construction.


  • Not found yet.


A traditional hot tub can be very pricey and difficult to maintain. If you want to live by full flexibility and freedom, it is high time you chose the best inflatable hot tub for your family based on our reviews.

Comparison Table:


Model Dimensions
Water Capacity
Coleman Lay-Z Spa 28 x 77 x 77 88 254 4-6 $374.99
Bestway Lay-Z-Spa 26 x 71 x 71 53.9 254 4-6 $379-$438.95
Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage 28 x 79 x 79 102 210 4 $395-$820
M Spa Model B-90 Apline 27 x 62 x 62 55 184 2 $597.51
Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage 28 x 85 x 85 98 290 6 $539.95