When it comes to hair, men and women are equally fancy about taking care of it. They have to go through a lot of ministration procedure to keep it healthy and stylish as per their desire. Drying your hair or keeping it dry even when you are under shower is one of the major concerns for both male and female because it is directly linked with the well being of one of the most beautiful aspect of our outer look. But how to avoid your hair getting wet while splashing? Or how can you even avoid the wearisome hair drying hours after bathing? Well, there is a pretty plain sailing solution for you to unveil. “Shower Cap” is the most facile as well as economical answer to all your questions.

How to find the best Shower Cap:

There are several important things that you don’t want to miss out while buying your new shower cap. Because there are lots of options available but not each of them is perfect for you.

Size: Among the thousands of options available in the market, not each of them are of equal in size. You have to find out the perfect shower cap that fits your head just as you feel comfortable.

Structure: An ideal shower cap snugs perfectly with your hairline. That helps the cap to prevent water leakage into your hairs.

Material: It’s a must to check the material before buying anything, let alone a “Shower cap” which will take care of your hairs for long. You definitely want it to be durable and stout. Checking the material is one of the first steps to consider any particular product.

Elastic band quality: Most of the shower caps are equipped with an elastic band to make it easier for you to fix it on your head. Sometimes it is found that the elastic bands are too tight to wear or too weak to last. Make sure the elastic bands are comfortable as well as durable.

Best Five Shower Cap reviews

Blowpro The Perfect Shower Cap


This is one of the best shower caps going around. This is one of those perfect products that just seals all kind of water leakage from every possible angle of your head. Not only that it also stops moistures to come inside the cap where all your hairs are left dry and arid.


  • Comes in a standard size that fits most of the head sizes.
  • Zero leakage possibility.
  • Machine washable.


  • Comparatively high price.
  • The elastic quality is not as expected.

Dry Divas Shower Cap


The best part about this shower cap is that it has a lot of room inside So that you don’t have to worry about your long and thick hair getting smashed inside the cap while taking shower. This also made from high quality fibre and the material for the whole cap is made from durable raw materials. The soft laminated fabric is one of the major aspects of people liking it.


  • Made from durable raw materials.
  • Extra volume to keep room for longer and thicker hair.


  • The elastic band is a bit loose.
  • Price is a bit high.

Bouffant Shower Cap


Talking about the best part of this shower cap you certainly can not forget to tell about its cotton cover and its comfort. This 3.2 ounce shower cap is completely waterproof. Side by side this also free sized and cozy.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Large and Comfortable
  • Covered by pure cotton.


  • Sometimes a bad odor comes out from the cap
  • Comes with a bit faded color than expected.

Eslite Waterproof Double Layers Shower Caps


Eslite waterproof double layer shower cap is one of the rare double layered shower caps which are affordable and durable altogether. Designed as polka dots inside a solid color this cap attracts so many customers. But some of them complains that this cap is a bit small is size. However if it fits in your head all other features will surely impress you.


  • Waterproof
  • Double layered
  • Attractive look
  • Affordable


  • A bit smaller in size
  • Has rolled edges

PowerLead Psca A002 Shower Cap


Unlike the above mentioned Blowpro shower cap, powerLead Psca A002 shower caps are very comfortable to wear. Specially the elastic bands are much cozy and perfectly fit. This is very well calibrated to keep the moisture away from your dry hair. Another very important part of this shower cap is that this very durable. This what makes it yet more different than other products in the market.


  • The cap is comfortable.
  • Lasts long.
  • Leakage tendency is about zero percent nearly.


  • No cons found

Comparison table

SL. No. Product Shipping Weight Dimension   Amazon Review
1 Blowpro The Perfect Shower Cap 1.6 ounces 7.8 x 2.2 x 5.8 inches


2 PowerLead Psca A002 Shower Cap 1.6 ounces 16cm x 16cm

3 Dry Divas Shower Cap 1.6 ounces 5.0
4 Bouffant Shower Cap 3.2 ounces 5 x 5 x 1 inches 3.7
5 Eslite Waterproof Double Layers Shower Caps 0.3 ounces 7.5 x 4.3 x 0.9 inches 3.9



It is never wise to rinse your here everyday while bathing. The oil that comes out from our scalp is very necessary for our hairs to grow and stay strong. If we wash our hair every single day ultimately our hairs will be the sufferer. And to keep our hair dry while bathing, the simplest, easiest and most affordable tool is a shower cap. Though choosing the perfect one is difficult always, the above mentioned suggestions can come up as pretty helpful for you.