Shower is not only a prodigious convenience to sustain personal hygiene and health but also its a miraculous way to unravel the propensity,conferring a highly amiable experience. Shower prompts a hormonal distortion in the body which can boost up your mind by its subtle droplets. To dive into tranquility and placidity, you will always yearn for an impeccable shower at your home. To accomplish you, the faucet markets are always aligning and innovating unique categorized showerheads. These days modern showerheads can furnish rainfall perception, LED lights, massaging experience to remove your anxiety and stress while procuring soothing spa tangibility.

we have organized this article by scrupulous searching to manifest you some dominant points to buy modern showerheads which will exigently consort you.

Cardinal topics:

  • Diversities in the modern showerheads:
  • How did we endorse the coolest products?
  • Table observation.
  • Review on top 5 modern coolest showerhead.
  • How to install.
  • Maneuver of care.


Diversities in the modern showerheads:

  • Multifunctional capacity: The modern showerheads are multifunctional. They depicts spray like the previous ones but with lot more additional attributes as massaging, colorful lighting, bluetooth, heat resisting and astonishing designs
  • Eco friendly: Even if the shower head is of a typical design, it will have attributes that help to reduce water waste, yielding an adequate showering experience.
  • Aesthetics: Some panels retained in the air by metal arms releasing water as a waterfall. Some includes different angled shower head. Some are handheld, wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Some are square, centered, brass finished, nickel finished, chrome finished. All these modern showerhead features indicate an aesthetic and prolific ideas which were not on those previous showerheads .
  • Greater pressure: The water pressure of modern shower heads is better than most other shower heads innovated before.

When it is a corporiety of buying, people usually wangle agitation for the anticipation of new products on a regular basis. So, by affordability, customers feedback and product features, we have encountered five coolest modern showerheads to relinquish your agitation .

How did we endorse the top coolest product?

  • Meticulous quality testing.
  • Search engines for the features.
  • Market demand.
  • Innovation in design.
  • Market price.
  • Customer affordability.
  • Customer assessment on the products.

Table for observation:

The following observation table and brief reviews underneath on five products will collaborate you to scrutinize the product of your interest.


Name Item no. Material Specialty Rating 
Blue Ocean modern showerhead SPA392M Aluminium alloy

8 multifunctional nozzles


SR SUN RISE Brass Handheld showerhead SRSH–011 Brass 

L styled handheld head


Decor Star modern showerhead 004-SS Stainless steel 4 functioned with independent valve for each. 4.4
AKDY   Square Modern  Showerhead AK-SH0024 Brass & acrylic Large size with highest coverage 4.2
VDOMUS Handheld Shower Head VDHIKB0015SVNA Chrome Suitable for kids and pets along with adults 4.0


Review on top 5 coolest modern showerhead:

Blue Ocean modern showerhead:

‘A luxurious showerhead for your extravagant washroom’ if that’s what you longing for then this showerhead is the explicit one for you. ‘Blue Ocean’ company materialize a new showerhead with multi functional capacity. This a silver colored showerhead with dimension 54 x 13 x 7 inches weighing 32 pounds. This multifunctional modern showerhead provides overhead shower,rainfall shower, handheld shower,tub jet and 8 body massage nozzles. For controlling the water temperature there are two controller for which your skin will always be in safer zone while showering. There is a tempered glass surface of 5 mm long which shows the temperature of the water. The temperature display is run by a AA battery.



  • Aluminum alloy finish gives a lustrous look.
  • It is durable and lightweight showerhead.
  • Multifunctional capacity provides different special functions to give you satisfaction.
  • Easy installation method.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • We haven’t found any antagonistic observation .

For a closure glimpse, watch the video by Maciej Piotrowski.


SR SUNRISE Brass handheld modern Shower Head :

If you are looking for a handheld modern designed, simple showerhead then this showerhead can be the right one for you. This is a high pressured , single functioned L- style showerhead with a dimension 7.9 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches weighing 6.1 has a flexible hose which attaches shower nozzles . It can be used as wall mounted showerhead that is by fixing at a definite position as well as a handheld showerhead by which water can move on your body parts according to your wish. Its modern design makes people comfortable giving a heavenly splash. It is a chrome finish material.


  • This can be used in power shower mixer & bath shower mixer.
  • Easy to handle & installing.
  • Silicon nozzles are easy to clean.
  • Solid brass gives longevity protecting the corrosion.
  • It can withstand any types of temperature.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • No adverse criticism is done by customers yet.

Decor Star modern showerhead:


If you are looking for a fine, stylish european inspired design then, this model of ‘Decor star’ faucet company can be your ultimate choice. For its elegant silver stainless steel panel, thermostatic rainfall system with massaging capacity it has become one of the coolest modern showerhead of now a days. Its a brass finish showerhead with thermostatic valve control and a temperature scale marked with fahrenheit. With 59 inch hose it is contrived with 68 x 22 x 8.7 inches dimension weighing 24.7 pounds. There is 100 massaging nozzles which depicts a soft , smoothing spray. For handheld spraying there is 50 nozzles. Its a 4 stage functioned showerhead (waterfall, rainfall, horizontal massage and handheld) where you can switch all of the function at a time also.


  • Independent valve control for each function. All can be turned on at a time also.
  • A showerhead with four function ( handheld, waterfall, rainfall , massaging).
  • Thermostatic control minimizes the chance of scald.
  • Stainless frame is durable which gives a long lasting function.
  • The controlling valve for each shower is independent.
  • The stainless steel hose is long enough to move independently.
  • A limited lifetime warranty.


  • No negative feedback found yet.

If you want a close look to its function and attributes I will advocate you to watch the clip of Elliot Fadeley. Channel.


AKDY Bath square modern Showerhead :


This showerhead gives a rejuvenating shower with a large head giving a rainy is a brass and acrylic finish shwerhead with dimension of 7.8 x 7.8 x 2.9 inches wighing only 1 is a square shaped showerhead with 81 nozzles which equivocates the effcet of rain indoor. The nozzles are made of rubber which is to be cleaned regularly. It has 7. 85 inch length. The wonderous water droplets will get you clean, abolishing all your stress.


  • Handling capacity of hot showers.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits in any type of bathroom.
  • High efficiency and eco friendly nature.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • There is no repugnant statement yet.

VDOMUS handheld modern Shower Head:

If you are on the pursuit for the coolest shower head with clean lines, aesthetic module that gives you the kind of luscious shower, then you are reading the right products.This is a high quality single round bar modern handheld showerhead which has a stainless steel tube with chrome finish.its heat resisting ability helps in its has a modern straight arm which is east to handle. Its dimension is 9.4 x 2.9 x 6.4 inches while it weighs 1.2 pounds.


  • Massage showerhead which gives soothing spray.
  • High metal finish protects from corrosion.
  • Water saving function saves water and thus makes it eco friendly.
  • Suitable for kids also.
  • Stainless steel is flexible and of 60 inch length which fulfills your requirements.
  • Heat resisting capability.


  • It is only one functioned showerhead.

How to install:

Modern showerhead attributes contradistinctive functions. According to the exertions and designs of all, the installation technique is almost the same. Whether it is rainfall . waterfall, massaging showerhead, handheld or wall mount, their installation does not contradict much . To install a new showerhead,we need the following tools,

  • Pliable wrench.
  • Teflon tape/Plumbers tape.
  • New showerhead.


  • Recede olden shower head: Firstly take your wrench and open the old one to clamp the notch of remaining showerhead. Turn it on anti clockwise direction and it will ease and then take it off from your prevailing place.
    Eradicate excessive material: Now,get rid of the excess materials remaining as dirt, rubber gaskets etc and clean it up to fix the new one.
  • Wrap with plumbers tape: The threads of the pipe is wrapped by plumbers tape and give the wrap a couple layers . Then use your finger to polish out the tape.
  • Revive the new head: Take the new showerhead to place it to the previous showerhead space. And move it in clockwise direction until it get congealed in that position.
  • Interrogatory of a leak: Assuredly turn on the showerhead and have a look if there is any leak in the stature. You can trail yourself out now if there is no leak . But if you discover any leak then strain the showerhead a round further.

The video of can show the integral operation within few minutes.

Maneuver of care:

  • Check on the screw everytime.
  • Keep the screws tight always.
  • Clean the nozzles on a regular basis.
  • You can watch this video of Hayley homemaker to get the cleaning idea.
  • Follow the company instruction perpetually.


People are vaguely diligent this days. It becomes hard to find armistice and evacuate stress in a working day. This precise entity can be done by the modern showerheads. There is nothing to get agitated while you opt to buy these showerheads. We have embellished five coolest showerheads with their attributes and other tactics in the above article to demolish your turmoil. You can elite your intrinsic one from above to alleviate you time, submerge yourself in water , impoverish stress and get rid of solicitude.