A gorgeous shower head will gift you great showers.There are a number of shower heads that allow you to meet your own choices, tastes, bathroom contour and of course your budget. 12-inch shower heads are basically popular for comfort rainfall shower that covers the whole body area and gives you the taste of actual rain. If you look at the market you will find various brands of this brand.

However, all of them are not up to the mark. And if you look for them individually that will just waste your time cause you will go crazy with lots of options and limited idea. Again some of them are too expensive than its service. Here I give you some suggestions of 12-inch shower heads. And the best part is that all of these products that will be suggested have the combination of quality and service. So following this article will surely provide you the best product and will also save your pocket and time.

ALFI Brand RAIN12 Stainless Steel :

This is an absolute rainfall shower head of 12 inches which provides you everything including comfort, performance, and luxury. This is a total combination of quality and performance at its best. And I can guaranty that you will fall in deep love with it if you use it for once. This ensures your bathroom beauty and your comfort while showering.

The polished shower body looks like a mirror. This particular shower head is only 2mm thick which will surprise both you and your guests. Not everyone can believe this without seeing it by own eyes. The entire body of the shower head is prepared by solid stainless steel. The polished stainless finishing is like chrome, it also features a mirrored looking. You do not have to take extra pain to install it. It is featured with a swivel adapter that helps you to angle the head during use.



  • Ultra thin body looks attractive.
  • No extra pain in installing.


  • No warranty/guaranty.


SR SUN RISE Luxury 12 Inch Shower Head:

Another awesome option for you in choosing 12-inch shower heads. This particular shower head can transform every shower into a high end spot and that too with zero extra effort from your side. You can install this 12 inch shower head into any shower within less than fifteen minutes. So you can enjoy an awesome shower experience without any effort on wasting any time.

This is a square shaped shower head with silver color. It is connected with a G1/2 connector.The ten layer chrome on it helps it to attractive. The raining speed of the shower head is two point five gallons/minute and you do not have to be worried regarding its water efficiency. The best part is that its price will not demoralize your pocket. I suggest you try it once.



  • Attractive body.
  • Comfort rainfall.
  • Fits with any arm.


  • No warranty/guaranty.




A-Flow Luxury 12-inch Rainfall Showerhead:

If you are looking for a relaxing experience then here I am giving you the most reliable suggestion of 12 inch shower head over thousands. Presenting you the A-Flow Luxury 12-inch Dual Function Rainfall Shower head which will enrich your bathroom and bring you to a different relaxed world while showering. You will find consistency in its performance.

No extra tool is required to install it. It is very easy to operate. Even with your soapy hand you can just turn the center dial and select your comfortable setting. It offers you variable pressure settings and that makes it special from others. It fits on almost all shower plumbing standards.In addition, it provides you life time warranty. So I do not find any risk in buying it. Buying it is a type of investment for your own peace and relaxation. I suggest you think about it and try.



  • Easy to operate.
  • No extra struggle in installation.
  • Life time warranty.
  • Consistency in performance.


  • We are yet to find any negative sides of this product. We are working on that and surveying users review.

ALFI RAIN12 Solid Round Showerhead:

This is a unique shower head among the tops and is ready to give you something different. This is a round shaped shower head, different from the industry standard shower heads. The round shape head will provide you with evenly distributed water while showering. It is featured with a swivel adapter. This particular adapter allows you to turn or angle your shower at the time of using. The steel body looks like nickel body and it does not hold any fingerprint on it.

It has 48 different rainfall nozzles and all of them offer you variable pressure and you can adjust it according to your wish. And the nozzles are cleaned by themselves and you do not have to put any effort. You do not have to do any struggle to install it. Its unique features make it one of the contenders for the title of best 12 inch shower head in the market. Do not be late to try it once.



  • Nice finishing of the steel body ensures its color for years.
  • swivel adapter lets you angle the shower while using.
  • Easy to install.


  • Provided with no warranty/guaranty.

Yodel Solid Square Showerhead:

It is an oversized shower head that will give you more space of rainfall and will fully cover your body under the shower. This oversized shower head ensures full coverage and comfort during your shower. Yodel Solid Square Ultra-Thin Rain Showerhead offers you an extreme performance which is not available in others. The whole body is prepared with steel.

That ensures its duration in your home. It is provided with self-cleaning nozzles and it will offer you the gentlest drizzles you ever experienced with only one press on the lever. I can assure that your time under it will be the best time. If you are looking for the best quality 12-inch shower head, probably you have got it. Do not waste your time and grab it as soon as possible.



  • Its ultra thin body attracts people.
  • Provides rainfall.
  • Easy to install without any extra tool.


  • It provides no warranty/guaranty.


DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Shower-Head:

I hope you can understand its best feature from its name. DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch Rainfall LED Shower head. Yes, its best feature is that it will make your shower colorful and obviously your mind also. The colorful LED will refresh all your tiredness. And another surprising fact is that it does not require any battery. The color of the light will inform you about the temperature of the water. The shower is powered by its running water. So it also saves your electricity bill.

It makes your bathroom gorgeous looking and also attractive.It provides you limited warranty but that does not raise a question about its quality. It is adjustable, easy to install nearly with zero effort. It displays you four different colors. Blue, green, red and flashing red. The blue denotes cold water, green says about the warm water of 95-109 degree F. Red says water is hot enough and flashing red is a warning.It is featured with all modern technology, stylish design and smart functions. This is a perfect match for your bathroom.



  • Colorful light makes your bathroom colorful and attractive.
  • One can understand the temperature of water seeing the color of light.


  • Provided with limited warranty.
  • Color lightening may disturb you sometime when you are not in a mood.


Oulantron 12-inch Rainfall Shower Head:

It is comparatively cheaper rainfall shower head. But that does not compromise it from its quality.This 12 inch stainless steel rainfall shower head by oulantron provides you the perfect combination of quality and service. And also supports your pocket. The whole stainless steel body ensures its availability for years. its connection is G1/2 standard. It gives you the taste of a better rainfall. It is easy to install. It is one of the popular shower head with top ratings by its users. So you can rely on it and bring it home today without any hesitation.



  • Easy to install.
  • Provides better rainfall.
  • Cheap in price.


  • Has poor quality in comparison to other expensive shower heads.



Nothing is comparable to a tremendous shower. The feeling that a long hot shower gives on a cold morning or a fresh cool shower on a hot sunny day can keep you fresh even at the toughest time. There are many things that make a beautiful shower. However, if you have read the article with full attention, I guess you have got a solid idea about 12-inch shower heads. So do not waste your time anymore and grab the chosen one.