You do not have to spend thousands of bucks to buy a  shower head for a comfort and exceptional shower experience. Not everybody gets the chance to be that luxury to spend time under an expensive shower head and enjoy bathing. Apart from that those who can not afford have other options. There are shower heads available in the market under $20. And these reasonable shower heads not only save your pocket but also confirms your comfort. Today in this article I will suggest you best 10 shower heads priced under $20. And all these are the products that are already proved in the market with their quality before hundreds of customers.Just take a few time In this article and get the best idea about the best reasonable shower heads for you.

5 Function Luxury Large Shower by A-Flow:

Before all other available options, I would like to suggest you first this 5 function luxury shower head produced by A-Flow. This is one of the best and most advanced shower head that you will get in a lesser amount. This specified shower head will provide you almost the same experience of relaxing and soothing shower that you get in the high-end spa.

The width of the head is 6 inches and it ensures your full coverage of the body. It has adjustable Rainfall feature that gives you the access to fine tune the squeeze to considerable levels. Built in iteration unit is available in this shower head and you can also pause your shower whenever you require restarting again with hot water.



  • Easy installation, requires no extra tools.
  • This works with almost all plumbing standard.


  • No warranty/guaranty.


DreamSpa All-Chrome Water Shower Head:

It is a stylish bathroom tool that enriches your bathroom with beauty. Besides showering purpose this shower head provides you a color changing LED which really looks attractive. The color of LED changes with the temp of the water.

It is an adjustable shower head with water temperature sensor, 5.25 inch facing, cleaned jets, three zone dial and also click action level. It brings much pleasure while showering as the light keep on changing. It is also featured with a pause for saving water , massage pulsating, and comfort economy rain.



  • Requires no tools for installation.
  • Color changing gives extra beauty in the bathroom.


  • Setting it up is a bit lengthy. There are five settings.


Filtration Shower Head by Zenfresh:

If you are looking for something unique looking within this price, let me suggest you the filtration shower head by zenfresh. People can easily know how this shower head works because it exposes its guts to all. This shower head uses various filtration units within itself and that makes it special. This device will give you the advantage of unparalleled fresh water producing. People with dry skin and oily hair can use this water and it is better for them. Or if anyone wants to ensure the best quality water for his shower can choose this closing eyes.



  • You can save water without compromising water pressure.
  • Water is suitable for dry skin.


  • Too many filtration units may confuse you.


HotelSpa Ultra Luxury Handheld Shower Head:

This is a shower head full of features and definitely they are going to attract you. With the combination of four inches hand shower,six inches shower head for rainfall, rub clean jet, thirty full patterns, five inches hose, fixable overhead,brass hose nut this shower head will definitely increase the beauty of your bathroom and also ensure your comfort shower and that too in your budget. You will find six types of settings in this particular shower head. You will find power rain, pulsating massage, rain/massage, water saving rain, rain/mist, hydrating mist settings in it.


  • It has got lifetime warranty
  • Angle is adjustable


  • Some found the neck not sturdy enough to endure the manipulation of the shower head.

Stainless Steel Shower by WaterBella:

If you want the shower head that got exploded popularity in recent past I will suggest you the stainless steel shower by water belly. The “rain shower” shower head will make you crazy to add up to your home as soon as possible. And for that , fortunately, you do not have to break your bank cause this product is available in the market with reasonable price. As it is made of stainless steel so it can give you a years of guaranty and you can enjoy your shower years after year. And you do not have to worry about its quality for years.



  • Made with strong steel material. No fragile plastic is used.
  • Easily cleaning.


  • The arm is not included.



3-Function Waterfall Shower by A-Flow:

If you are looking for a top-rated shower head within a minimum budget then probably this is the best option for you. Within this, you are getting true spa experience from this 3-function waterfall shower by A-Flow. It has a 4.5-inch shower head base that produces real rainfall effect. you can also dial in and produce a pressure of massaging and at the same time can keep the water bill within the roof. It does not require any extra tool for installation and you can directly go to shower with your current setup and enjoy maybe 20 minutes of comfort showering.


  • Easy install in just one minute without any tool.
  • Enjoyable shower experience.


  • Some complained about conceding higher water bill.



Aquadance Slimline Shower Head From HotelSpa:

If you are a bit beauty lover, want to decorate your bathroom nicely then acquaintance slimline shower head is available for you with attractive design and of course within your budget. It is also provided with hand shower which gives you perfect water flow with five different modes. The five modes are , water saving raining, massage, pause, rain and power rain. You can choose anyone at any time according to your will.It is fixable, easy in installation and does not require any extra tool. It is also featured with rub cleaned jets, three click level dial, hose nuts etc.


  • For easy hand tightening, it provides conical Brass Hose Nuts.
  • Angle Adjustable.


  • Full plastic body, No metal used.
  • No specialty.


WHS C125 Wall Mount Filtered Shower Head by Culligan:

If you want the combination of both quality and popularity in your bathroom, probably this C125 wall mount filtered shower head by Culligan is the best option for you. This particular shower has got the tag of the best seller and also possess an awesome rating by its users. The patented filter in it decreases the amount of chlorine up to 99%. It will offer you five different massage and settings. This shower head has the capability of holding ten thousand gallon filter.It is completely safe and also free of the chemical and it is approved by NFC. Teflon tape and reminder stickers for changing filter are provided in a box with the shower head. This Teflon tape will be needed while installing the Culligan shower head.


  • Reduces amount of chlorine in the water.
  • Chemical free, approved by NFC.


  • No warranty/guaranty.


Delta 75152 Adjustable Water Amplifying Shower Head:

If you want some sort of technology in your bathroom here we suggest you the Delta 75152 Adjustable Water Amplifying Shower Head that will make your bathroom different from others with it’s technology and features and of course within the budget. This particular shower head runs on H20Kinetic automation with flow rates of two that lets you fix in either on one point eight five GPM or two point five GPM. there are four large holes and they are the anti-clog side by side also act as the lever for controlling volume. You will obviously have a great experience with Water Amplifying Shower Head. A guide book for installation is provided with the shower head to assist you to set it up in a smooth manner.


  • Single function H2Okinetic.
  • Lifelong guaranty.


  • Doesn’t reduce the hardness of water.


Conversation Handheld Shower Head by Niagara:

In case you are still confused with the best shower head , you might have a closer look on this particular product. The best part of this shower head is that it can provide you unlimited flexibility. This particular shower head not only gives you comfort but also saves your considerable amount of money from your energy and water invoices. Though it’s rating per minute is 2.0 gallon but still you can enjoy a flow shower. It’s possible because of its 9 jet turbo nozzles built into the head.It is going to save much of your water bill. This shower head is compact,looks nice and able to add up the extra beauty and feel to your bathroom.


  • Provided with a self-cleaning and maintenance-free feature.
  • saves water bill.


  • No pulse setting.



To increase the beauty of bathroom and also for getting satisfaction in bath a good shower head is required. It is assumed that good things are always expensive. But a good shower head is not necessarily always expensive. You can try these mentioned shower heads in your home and i guaranty you won’t regret. These all products have got the combination of quality as well as your budget.