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Top 7 12-Inch shower Head: Your Heaven Under Your Shower

A gorgeous shower head will gift you great showers.There are a number of shower heads that allow you to meet your own choices, tastes, bathroom contour and of course your budget. 12-inch shower heads are basically popular for comfort rainfall… Continue Reading →

Shower head extension: Make Your Showerhead More Flexible

Introduction: Imagine taking a shower with your neck constantly down in order to catch the smallest trickle of the water. Tiring isn’t it? It is high time you find a shower head extension to get a better and much more… Continue Reading →

Water Saving Shower Head

The lion’s share of the natural resources that we use is water. As we consume water and there is no other option of it, again this is a natural resource that is non-renewable, it  lies to our sense of duty… Continue Reading →

Culligan WSH-C125 Wallmount shower head:The Ultimate Spa like Experience

Introduction: Everyday pollution and dirt takes a toll on our body. So we really look forward to a refreshing showering experience after a hard and tedious day of work. The thing is any ordinary showerhead can rinse our body but… Continue Reading →

Leaking Shower head: The causes and the solutions

Introduction: Imagine going into the bathroom and seeing the unsightly view of dripping water and the continuous irritating sound of water dripping from the showerhead. Annoying isn’t it!! It literally destroys your showering experience doesn’t it?  Well, this type of… Continue Reading →

Best Hot Towel Warmer For Relaxation

Introduction: Whether it’s summer or winter we all have to keep ourselves fresh and prepared for our regular dynamic life. After a long tiring day or before starting a busy scheduled day, when we come out from a wonderful hot… Continue Reading →

Top Rated Kids Shower Heads in the Market

Introduction: Kids are like angels. Their sensitivity and innocence need some special care in every step of their nurturing process. Although we all love these angels but sometimes they make trouble to us and this happens mostly at the time… Continue Reading →

Best Fogless Shower Mirror In the Market

Introduction: There is a proverb that “everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”. Whether people see the inherent beauty inside one  or not, to see our external beauty mirrors play a great role. Again to talk about mirrors the… Continue Reading →

Best Shower Head Water Softener: Refreshing Spa At Your Home

Introduction: Ever wonder the sudden change in your hair and skin, such as the dullness of your hair and the dryness of your skin. The reason behind these changes could be the chlorine and other bacteria in the shower water…. Continue Reading →

Best Shower Cleaners For an Efficient And Easy Clean

It is amazing that the place in your home that should get you clean, your shower, can sometimes get so dirty. Not only does the shower get dirty but also hard water, mildew, mold and soap scum could develop. Bathroom… Continue Reading →

The Best Shower Head Filters Review

Generally, shower head filters are used to remove chlorine and any other harmful substances that may be present shower. These chemicals are toxic and may cause serious health problems. Moreover, chlorinated water smells bad and may cause itchy skin and… Continue Reading →

The Best Bluetooth Shower Head Reviews

A Bluetooth shower head is a great addition to your home’s shower system. Imagine the pleasure of taking a great shower as you listen to the news or your favorite music. Typically, a cold shower accompanied by cool music in… Continue Reading →

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