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Shower Head Water Heaters: Hot Shower On Demand

Shower head water heaters are tankless heat units which continuously heats the cold water to your preset temperature. The heating unit may run on gas or electricity depending on the model. After a long tiring day who doesn’t want to… Continue Reading →

The 5 Best Shower Panels In The Market To Gift You The Ultimate Bathroom Luxury

Introduction Now a day’s shower is just not about pouring water over your body, it has become a part of our luxurious lifestyle. Shower panels are the new accessories for our bathroom that have added complexity to have a pleasant… Continue Reading →

Inflatable Hot Tubs: Take Your Spa Anywhere

Introduction: Who doesn’t want to take a hot tub bath In a cold weather? But why sticking to the small bathroom every time you need to soak yourself? Those days of staying indoors are long gone. Now you can have… Continue Reading →

Enjoy The Rain At Home With Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Rain Shower Head

When it comes to a high-pressure shower head, Thunderhead TH2.5 stays on the top list. By its name “Thunderhead”, it has also justified itself as a top rated rain-style shower head. After a long tiring day, a rain shower is… Continue Reading →

Acrylic Bathtubs:A Perfect Choice For Your Lifestyle

Bathtubs can be made of many materials such as cast iron, porcelain, fibreglass, acrylic or ceramic tile. If you are planning on installing a bathtub that is affordable, lightweight and built to last, an acrylic bathtub should be your perfect… Continue Reading →

Danze Shower Heads:Your Buddy In A Great Shower

The showerhead is an important fixture for a bathroom. To maintain a hygienic life, our daily bath requires a good showerhead with adequate water flow and pressure. Danze, Inc. manufacture premium showerheads, bath accessories, faucets, and vitreous china fixtures. Their… Continue Reading →

Showerhead Speakers: Turn Up The Tunes With A Great Shower

A relaxing hot shower with your favourite music can be a great way to start the day. For that, all you need is a showerhead speaker. It is nothing but a showerhead with a built-in speaker in the middle of… Continue Reading →

Save water & your wallet Using Low Flow Shower Heads

Through latest technology and successive improvements, the manufacturers of shower head are now making them more and more efficient at delivering you the same shower feel but with less amount of water. As a result, instead of either having a… Continue Reading →

Oxygenics Shower Heads: Innovative & Luxurious Shower Experience

Since their development in 1981, the Oxygenics have been building the highest quality showerheads for over 3 decades. Their showerheads are extremely efficient, eco-friendly and with a lifetime “Never Clog Guarantee”. Their Oxygenics Engine provide oxygenated water flow that can… Continue Reading →

6 Effective Ways To Clean Your Shower Floor

INTRODUCTION: Have your shower floor gone discolored due to the stains and grime? The hard water from the shower without filter gives mildew, soap scum and other dirt that affect your shiny shower floor. And who wants to spend time… Continue Reading →

Best Steam Shower Reviews: The Most Luxurious Showering Experience

Introduction Can you imagine the situation that at the end of a prolonged tiring and painful day, you just desire to enjoy the winter chill! So you turn on the shower button, flutter your body down on a seat, and… Continue Reading →

Best Corner Shower Kits: Enjoy Posh Showering At Home

Introduction If you are trying heart and soul to save space of our bathroom as well as to give it an elegant look, then a Corner Shower can probably be the best solution. The central point of any bathroom is… Continue Reading →

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